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Expedition Decompression / Recompression Chamber

portable hyperbaric chamberAs technical, rebreather and expeditionary diving becomes more popular many individuals are pushing the boundaries of fitness, equipment, ability and physiological understanding. Even with an experienced, well trained, well planned team the chances of a decompression sickness incident is a real one. It is inevitable that this type of diving will at times yield DCS and the possibility of death is a real one.

Blue Foot Diving is a company founded to best limit the risks involved with this type of diving. Certainly in water decompression is one option but even with great planning and team work this can be a perilous undertaking. The best option is to have a chamber on site. Blue Foot Diving offers this possibility by renting out our expedition chambers. The use of chambers is of course not new but the difference here is that we now have a chamber well suited for this type of diving. Easily portable (fits in an SUV), it can accomplish a table 6 with its 165ft working depth capability.

Decompression tables and computers are at best a mixture of science, statistics, experience and best guess.The real experts of this field will admit there is much to be learnt. What all people will agree is that after a decompression or POIS (Pressure over inflation syndrome) incident the sooner one can get back under pressure the better.

hyperbaric chamber collapsed The chamber is 7 feet in length, 48 inches in diameter and weighs 185 lbs. You could comfortably sit 3/4 people inside each with a BIB (Built In Breathing system) to deliver O2 for surface decompression. Or use the chamber for emergencies where you could lie down 2 patients or have one patient and a tender.

  There is also full 6ft lock (again weighs 180lbs 48” diameter) for taking personnel in and out and a medical lock for moving liquids and supplies. The main chamber can be used independent of the lock if space is at a premium. The unit has plumbing for Air and O2 along with a control box that has both an Oxygen analyzer and a CO2 analyzer to limit the quantity of gas needed to run the chamber. The control box has an exact depth gauge and a number of timers. There are 4 tie down points to keep the chamber still on a boat. There is a muffler for the incoming air and it is spacious light and quiet. The chamber can be picked up by a group of 4 people with a patient inside if it needs inside recompression chamberto be transported. We have LAR V oxygen re breathers to be used in tandem or in lieu of OC Oxygen when gas is at a premium.

The chamber is bright inside and amazingly quiet even when venting. There is a communications box but it is easy to talk through the shell of the chamber itself. It is equipped with inlet and exhaust ports for 4 Divex  BIBs. The chamber comes with cotton scrubs and all the necessary tables guides and neurological assessment charts. We often use the chamber for safety stops after deeper dives The Chamber can be handled by 2 people but is better if everything is run around a group of 3 or 4. A practiced team can set up the chamber and have someone down at depth in 5 minutes of less. The chamber can be rented with or without a chamber perator but if done so without then someone must be qualified as a chamber operator.

The chamber can be transported by air or in the back of a standard cargo van while still running through a table.Having both the main chamber and lock makes solving a diver problem considerably easier. One can exchange tenders, move clothing, medicine food and liquids in and out easily. The down side of course is you require more gas, space and logistics. There is also a small medical lock that goes with the main chamber.

Unlike the Hyperlite chamber this unit does not have the ASME/PVHO certifications for use in United States or on U.S. flagged vessels.  However, it does have a RINA Italian certification for use in most other countries and on non-U.S. flagged vessels.

For more information contact Andrew Driver.

We also have a 54 inch twin lock steel chamber for rent.


hyperbaric chamber assembled
Chamber with Lock.

assembling hyperbaric chamber
2 people can set up and run the chamber although 3 or 4 is better

Chamber in van
Chamber can be transported in a standard Cargo Van.

inside portable recompression chamber
The quicker one can get an errant bubble back under
pressure the better the outcome!